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Festival Times

Thursday, July 18th
8:00 am – 11:00 pm   Site Available for Team Arrivals / Set Up
Have Award Checks ready
Friday, July 19th
8:00 am              Site Available for Team Arrivals / Set Up
8:00 am              Meat Inspection Begins
8:00 am – 3:00 pm    Team Check in
3:00 pm              Teams in Place – Gates Closed
5:00 pm              Cooks Meeting - (Judges Tent)
6:00 PM Anything Butt Judges Meeting (Judges Tent)
Anything Butt is on site judging
7:00 pm              Anything Butt and Dessert Turn In
11:00 pm             Gates Close – Quiet Time
Saturday, July 20th
8:00 am              Que and Cruz Festival Opens to vendors and car show
8:00 am              Venders Check in
10:00 AM Gate opens to the public
10:00 am              Best Booth/Hospitality Judging 
9:00 am -1:00 pm            Car Show Registration Begins 
10:00 am             BBQ Judges Meeting 
10:00 am –6:00 pm   Live music on Main Stage
All Turn ins at Judges Tent
12:00 pm             Chicken Turn in
12:30 PM Ribs Turn in
1:00 PM Pork Turn in
1:30 PM Brisket Turn in
1:30-4:00 pm Judging/Recording/Printing of score sheets
3:45 pm              Get Awards out and ready
3:00 pm              Car Show Awards Ceremony - (Main Stage)
4:30 pm              BBQ Competition Awards Ceremony - (Main Stage)
6:00 pm              Festival Closes
Judging Schedules
Friday, July 19h
  Anything Butt Judging Schedule, On Site  
  7:00 pm                Anything Butt Non Dessert  
  7:00 pm                Anything Butt Dessert  
Saturday, July 20th
  BBQ Contest Judging Schedule at Judges Tent  
  12:00 noon                 Chicken    
  12:30                 Pork Ribs (loin or spare only)  
  1:00                Pork (shoulder / butt)  
  1:30                 Brisket (beef)  
  2:00 Ranchers Reserve turn in